Just take it one byte at a time!

If you did not understand the pun above, do not stress!

Computers are like many things in life you can’t live with them and you certainly cannot live without them!

Some tips:

Try turning it off and then on again.

Seek professional assistance.

Follow some I.T. youtube channels.

Do some training.

How We Can Help You!

Start eLearning now with all the basics, end with the advanced, it is as easy as that . This is your best value all in 1 solution.

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Google G Suite!

Basic Web Development!

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Our Computer Fundamentals Course includes

Google G Suite

Unit 1 : About G Suite
Unit 2 : Google Gmail
Unit 3 : Google Calendar
Unit 4 : Google Drive
Unit 5 : Google Hangouts
Unit 6 : Google Forms
Unit 7 : Google Sheets
Unit 8 : Google Slides
Unit 9.1 : Google Docs (Part 1)
Unit 9.2 : Google Docs (Part 2)
Unit 10 : Google Plus

Basic Web Development

Unit 1 : Getting Started with HTML
Unit 2 : Getting Started with CSS
Unit 3 : Styling Text with CSS
Unit 4 : Extended Styling Techniques using HTML and CSS
Unit 5 : Writing Your Best Code
Unit 6 : Responsive Web Design
Unit 7 : How to Position Content
Unit 8 : Responsive Web Design
Unit 18 : Working with Tables and Charts

Windows 10

Unit 1 : Getting to Know PC’s and the Windows 10 User Interface
Unit 2 : Using Windows 10 Security Features
Unit 3 : Using Microsoft Edge
Unit 4 : Working with Desktop Applications
Unit 5 : Using Windows Store Apps and Navigation Features
Unit 6 : Customising the Windows 10 Environment
Unit 7 : Configuring User Accounts
Unit 8 : Managing Networks
Unit 9 : Configuring System Settings
Unit 10 : Securing System Data
Unit 11 : Working With Devices
Unit 12: Working With Apps In Windows 10
Unit 13 : Working With Windows 10

Online Tools For Small Business

Online Tools For Small Business

Slack For Business

Unit 1 : Getting Started
Unit 2 : Working with Channels
Unit 3: Communicating with Slack
Unit 4: Communicating in Channels
Unit 5 : Customising Your Slack Experience
Unit 6: Working with Slack Teams
Unit 10 : Enhancing Workbooks

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