About Start Working

Our Online Short Course Expertise

Learning is easier when you have excellent courses from proven teachers. That’s why we pride ourselves on the fact that all our faculty are passionate proven experts in their respected field.  

Start Working is a quality provider of online short course education designed to bring you an extensive range of relevant business skills through exceptional online courses, learning materials, help, support, and tutors ensuring that on successful completion of our short courses you have new job skills that makesprepares and enables you to be Work Ready to step into your dream job.

Start Working will help you every step of the way to achieving your dream job.

Mission Statement

To bridge the gap between all forms of education, long gaps of employment and professional careers, with customisable business administration bundles attending to the student’s individual needs and requirements with the end employment goal in mind.

Vision Statement

Startworking.com.au PTY LTD, is here to provide bespoke, flexible and online training solutions for any individuals looking to further themselves and their career.


Create a community and employment opportunities for individuals within that community.

Develop high quality and up to date training bundles for any student.

Help all students reach their goals with our career assistance programs.

Provide industry relevant information to students.