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Our Career Development Course includes

Career Development Part 1

Unit 1 : Conquering Your Fear of Speaking in Public
Unit 2 : Public Speaking : Presentation Survival School
Unit 3 : Public Speaking: Speaking Under Pressure
Unit 4 : Communication Strategies
Unit 5 : Building Your Self Esteem and Assertiveness Skills
Unit 6 : Influence and Persuasion
Unit 7 : Critical Thinking
Unit 8 : Creative Thinking and Innovation
Unit 9 : Active Listening
Unit 10 : Advanced Writing Skills
Unit 11 : Working Smarter: Using Technology to Your Advantage

Career Development Part 2

Unit 1 : Conducting Accurate Internet Research
Unit 2 : Goal Setting
Unit 3 : Business Etiquette: Gaining That Extra Edge
Unit 4 : Getting Your Job Search Started
Unit 5 : Mastering The Interview
Unit 6 : Networking for Success
Unit 7 : Project Management: All You Need to Know
Unit 8 : Managing Pressure and Maintaining Balance
Unit 9 : Introduction to Neuro Linguistic Programming
Unit 10 : NLP Tools for Real Life

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