It is all just trial and error, run those tests!

Digital Marketing is something that we have to deal with every day.

We completely understand the frustrations.

There are so many resources and “Hacks” for social media marketing that it is making it more confusing.

Some tips:

Write your strategy down.

Create a buyer persona.

Do your market research.

Training, training, training.

Combining Digital Marketing with Business Administration just makes sense, what employer would say know to the whole package?

How We Can Help You!

Start eLearning now with all the basics, end with the advanced, it is as easy as that . This is your best value all in 1 solution.

Our courses are self paced, work your course around your commitments.

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Our Certificate In Business Administration - Digital Marketing Includes

Digital Marketing

Unit 1 :  Basic Internet Marketing
Unit 2 :  Marketing with Social Media
Unit 3 :  Writing for the Web
Unit 4 :  Creating a Google AdWords Campaign
Unit 5 : Building a Brand on Social Media
Unit 6 : Introduction to E-Mail Marketing
Unit 7 : Creating Winning Webinars
Unit 8 : Growth Hacking
Unit 9 : Promoting a Marketing Webinar
Unit 10: Story Marketing for Small Businesses

Microsoft Office 365

Section 1 :  Microsoft Office 365 Overview.
Section 2 :  Microsoft Office Word 365.
Section 3 :  Microsoft Access 365.
Section 4 :  Microsoft Office Powerpoint 365.
Section 5 :  Microsoft Office Excel 365.

Small Business Training

Unit 1 : Entrepreneurship 101
Unit 2 : Writing a Business Plan
Unit 3 : Global Business Strategies
Unit 4 : Boot Camp for Business Owners
Unit 5 : Kickstarting Your Business with
Unit 6 : Making Your Business Better
Unit 7 : Crowdsourcing
Unit 9 : Marketing for Small Businesses
Unit 10: Building an Online Business
Unit 11 : E-Commerce Management

Sales and Customer Service

Section 1 : Sales and Marketing
Section 2 : Customer Service

Computer Fundamentals

Section 1 : Google G Suite
Section 2 : Basic Web Development
Section 3 : Windows 10
Section 4 : Online Tools For Small Business
Section 5 : Slack For Business

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