Become an invaluable asset to your organisation!

Marketing targets new business.

Sales acquire new business.

Customer service keep existing business.

Having training in the three areas of business is invaluable!

Learn how to sell, acquire new customers, retain and service existing customers, to provide better experiences and increased loyalty.

Move in any direction within a businesses structure.

Join the three areas of work that are always needed!

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Customer Service.

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Our Sales, Marketing and Customer Service Course includes

Sales and Marketing

Unit 1 : Marketing and Sales
Unit 2 : Selling Smarter
Unit 3 : Building Relationships for Success in Sales
Unit 4 : Prospecting for Leads Like a Pro
Unit 5 : Overcoming Objections to Nail the Sale
Unit 6 : Social Selling for Small Businesses
Unit 7 : Call Center Training : Sales and Customer Service Training for Call Center Agents
Unit 8 : Telemarketing Using the Telephone as a Sales Tool
Unit 9 : Dynamite Sales Presentations
Unit 10 : Branding Creating and Managing Your Corporate Brand

Customer Service

Unit 1 : Critical Elements of Customer Service
Unit 2 : Customer Service Training Managing Customer Service
Unit 3 : Dealing With Difficult People
Unit 4 : Body Language Reading Body Language as a Sales Tool
Unit 5 : CRM An Introduction to Customer Relationship Management

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